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A dedicated fashion house designing kids uniforms, uniform accessories & garments for men & women..

S. K. Fashion began half a decade ago in Ludhiana, Punjab (India) with a single kind of product and a simple vision. The product was Kids Uniform and the vision was to create the range prioritizing on the comfort and perfect fit. In the years since, our product portfolio has evolved into an assortment of Garments, Uniform Accessories & Bags of fresh designs. Our original vision, nonetheless, remains unchanged in case of garments. Our proprietorship company led by Mr. Pardeep Kumar and working as a Manufacturer & Supplier, is guided by a commitment to excellent artisanship and timely service. What still distinguishes our style is our genuine, eternal spirit. And our range encompassing School Belt, School Uniform Tie, Lower, T-shirt, Cotton Socks, Track Suit and more, is made by a team of talented and attentive designers and artisans.